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International Conference on Mixed-Species Bird Flocks and Forest Conservation

Chris Merkord

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Conference announcement.pdf

Announcing "Bird flocks–bringing life to forests"


An international conference on mixed-species bird flocks and forest conservation.


Dates: 5th to 10th August 2011.

Location: Sri Lanka - Conference in select Hotel in Sri Lanka with field

excursion and session to be at the Sinharaja World Heritage Reserve.


Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka

Department of Zoology, University of Colombo

Colombo 3, Sri Lanka

Tel: +94 11 5342609, +94 11 5342604

Fax: +94 1 5337644


The phenomenon of Mixed-Species Bird Flocks (MSBF), in forest systems have been well documented and studied in various parts of the world. These studies have resulted in unraveling the adaptive benefits of MSBF and understanding the composition, dynamics, and foraging ecology. Yet there are many more areas to study, including their role in forest ecosystem and community ecology and how they should be incorporated into conservation and management plans.


The year 2011 is declared by the UN as "The Year of the Forests". It would thus be most appropriate to asses our knowledge bank about this unique phenomenon of forests and charter future directions for study. MSBF are visible, audible and have potential to be key indicator assemblages for forest quality that could be incorporated in to the Global 2020 Biodiversity Targets. Thus, in addition to the threatened status of the various participating species, the flock itself could serve to promote conservation awareness.


This conference on mixed-species feeding flocks proposes to bring together the many scientists throughout the world who have contributed and are still contributing to our knowledge base on MSBF, in order to plan the future of this exciting field.


Objectives of the conference:

  • To document the present knowledge of MSBF
  • To establish a MSBF study group
  • To develop a programme and strategy for work for the future
  • To highlight the importance and significance of MSBF in forest conservation and the 2020 Biodiversity targets.

More will follow on exact pricing and locations, but please email us soon if you are interested in attending!


Email: fogsl@slt.lk

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Hi friends and colleagues,


Just a quick note that the website for the International Conference on Mixed-Species Bird Flocks and Forest Conservation is now up at:https://sites.google.com/site/msbfconference/


All updates for the conference can be found there as well as information on the programme, abstracts and registration.


Please send any questions to fogsl@slt.lk or to the secretariat for the conference Ms. Paddy Paul at paddy@goldenislesrilanka.com


All the bests,


The Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka

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