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Feds Lay Groundwork to List Sage Grouse as ‘Threatened’

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U.S. FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE DIRECTOR Dan Ashe spoke at Tuesday's Gunnison sage grouse meeting in Gunnison. (Photo by Samantha Wright)
The writing is on the wall; the Gunnison sage grouse is likely headed toward being listed as a ‘threatened’ species under the Endangered Species Act. County commissioners from Ouray, San Miguel and Montrose counties all emerged with this conclusion following a meeting at Western State Colorado University in Gunnison with the United States Fish and Wildlife Services Director Dan Ashe on Tuesday this week.

Read more: http://www.watchnewspapers.com/view/full_story/23152145/article-Feds-Lay-Groundwork-to-List-Sage-Grouse-as--Threatened-
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