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Ornithological Monographs 76 now available

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Dear AOU Member,


Please read this email as your response may be required.


Ornithological Monographs 76, "Diversity, Prevalence, and Host Specificity of Avian Plasmodium and Haemoproteus in a Western Amazon Assemblage" by Maria Svensson-Coelho, John G. Blake, Bette A. Loiselle, Amanda S. Penrose, Patricia G. Parker, and Robert E. Ricklefs (viii + 48 p.).


is now available to all members online at



If electronic access to this OM is your preference, the environmental and economic choice that AOU encourages, you need do nothing.


If you would like to receive a print copy, please click on the link below.



By doing so, you will have opted to receive a print copy of OM 75, which will be mailed to those who request it with the January issue of The Auk. You must request a print copy by July 25, 2013. After this date, print copies will be available for purchase at



If you have any questions or would like to request your print copy via email or phone, please contact the OSNA business office at om@osnabirds.org or (254) 399-9636.


Thank you for your membership in the American Ornithologists' Union.

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