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  • BirdsCaribbean Hurricane Relief Fund

    Fern Davies
    • Please help BirdsCaribbean help its members and partners throughout the Caribbean to restore the birds, their habitats and the local communities. By acting today you can help ensure immediate needs will be met and conservation and science will guide the recovery efforts.





    Please help BirdsCaribbean to help its members and partners working to protect birds and restore habitat on the islands that suffered the devastation of Irma’s catastrophic force.




    They desperately need your support as Hurricane Maria heads towards them.
    Irma's carnage is heartbreaking. Video from Cuba’s northern Cays shows thousands of flamingos that were killed outright by this intense storm. Dead fish lay amongst dead and dying flamingos whose graceful wings, legs and necks were damaged beyond repair. In Barbuda,aerial footage reveals complete environmental disaster. Barbuda’s Codrington Lagoon, a RAMSAR site that hosted the region’s largest colony of Magnificent Frigatebirds (approx. 2,500 pairs), was breached. On Barbuda, satellite imagery shows us that Irma destroyed almost all the vegetation that small birds need to escape the winds. We do not know if the endemic Barbuda Warbler, a Near Threatened species has survived. Our colleagues have already returned to conduct assessments on the island but their first surveys have found no warblers nor any West Indian Whistling-Ducks!

    You can help right now as we work to protect the birds, habitats, and island communities. We are supporting our partner organizations, stabilizing their lives and operations so people can return to the critical post-Irma conservation work. Your donation is crucial as Hurricane Maria roars through these islands.

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