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    African Bird Club


      Geographic Scope: International
      Biogeographical Realm: , Afrotropic, Palearctic,
      Status: Active
      Year Established: 1994

    The African Bird Club is a UK registered charity which is managed on a voluntary basis by a Council of trustees. The Club was formed in 1994 following a proposal by a number of people with a common interest in African ornithology.


    The Club covers the ornithology of the following geographic region:

    • Continental Africa
    • Indian Ocean islands west of 80° East, e.g. Madagascar, Mascarene islands and Socotra
    • Atlantic Ocean on or east of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, e.g. Tristan da Cunha group, Azores and Canaries.

    The aims of the Club are to:

    • provide a worldwide focus for African ornithology
    • raise money to support conservation projects in Africa through the Conservation Fund
    • encourage an interest in the conservation of the birds of the region
    • liaise with and promote the work of existing regional societies
    • publish a twice-yearly colour bulletin
    • encourage observers to visit lesser known areas of the region, and search for and study globally threatened and near-threatened species.

    Chris Merkord
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