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The Sound Approach

Name: The Sound Approach
Website: http://soundapproach.co.uk/about
Geographic Scope: National
Biogeographical Realm: Neotropic
Country: United Kingdom
Description: Driven by his passion for bird song, Mark Constantine, founder of Lush Cosmetics, formed his own independent publishing company in 2006 committed to his vision of turning bird watchers into bird listeners. Through our award-winning books, we aim to popularise birdsong.

Since 2000, Mark Constantine, Magnus Rob and Arnoud van den Berg have been building a major new collection of bird sound recordings. Our collection now exceeds 50,000 recordings of more than 1,000 species, with a particular focus on the Western Palaearctic Region. The Sound Approach aim to popularise birdsong and raise standards in the use of sounds in bird identification. Subjects of particular interest include ageing and sexing birds by their sounds, and recognising hidden biodiversity, ‘new species’, through bird sounds. Besides those of the three main recordists, The Sound Approach collection has also received major contributions from Dick Forsman and Killian Mullarney.
Status: Active
Year Established: 2006
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