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Idea Wild

Name: Idea Wild
Website: http://www.ideawild.org/
Geographic Scope: International
Biogeographical Realm: Global
Description: Who We Are
Biodiversity by definition is the variety of life on earth including all plants, animals, fungi and microorganisms. IDEA WILD believes all life forms have intrinsic value and likely benefit humankind in numerous ways. Diverse life forms benefits humankind by providing 79% of the natural products found in the top 150 prescriptions, food from both wild and domesticated plants and animals, and fiber for building, clothing and paper. Diverse life forms also help maintain complex ecosystems so we can enjoy clean air and water. Biodiversity, in fact is the very foundation of human existence and “like every other species, ours is dependent on others for its own survival.”

Unfortunately, in the last four centuries humankind has caused the extinction of 484 animals and 654 plant species. Habitat destruction, introduced species, population growth, pollution and over-consumption continue to contribute to the demise of others. Work conducted by the UN Environmental Program estimated over 30,000 (5,400 animal, 26,000 plant) species are now threatened with extinction. Needless to say, this accomplishes little to benefit our own kind, let alone those species faced with impending demise.

IDEA WILD’s efforts conserve biodiversity by providing biologists and educators working in developing countries with equipment and supplies to aid in their conservation efforts. Since our beginning fourteen years ago, we have aided over 2500 projects in 82 developing countries. Recipients often share equipment with at least 3 other conservation projects. Consequently, the actual number of people using equipment and supplies provided by IDEA WILD is over 7500. The average cost per project is around $720. With IDEA WILD, a nominal conservation investment goes a very long way!
IDEA WILD is a 501© 3 non-profit organization
All contributions are tax-deductible: Tax ID # 83-0299770
Status: Active
Year Established: 1991
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