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Grup Balear d'Ornitologia i Defensa de la Naturalesa

Name: Grup Balear d'Ornitologia i Defensa de la Naturalesa
Translated Name: Balearic Group of Ornithology and Defence of Nature
Acronym: GOB
Website: http://www.gobmallorca.com
Geographic Scope: Sub-national
Biogeographical Realm: Palearctic
Country: Spain
Description: The GOB (Balearic Group of Ornithology and Defence of Nature) is a non governmental organisation and registered charity, legally founded in 1973. The objectives of GOB are the conservation, dissemination and study of nature and the environment of the Balearic Islands.

Besides carrying out research in Ornithology, most of GOB's efforts are addressed to the defence of the environment, in different fronts (natural sites, biodiversity, water, transport, waste, energy, etc.). The environmental education service offers to schools, associations and interested groups a large educational programme with many didactic activities and materials. Furthermore, members and sympathisers can take part in walking trips, work camps, campaigns, conferences, training courses and many other activities that are continuously organized.
Status: Active
Year Established: 1973
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