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Društvo za proučevanje ptic in varstvo narave

Name: Društvo za proučevanje ptic in varstvo narave
Translated Name: Association for the Study of Birds and Nature Conservation
Acronym: DPPVN
Website: http://www.dppvn.eu/
Geographic Scope: National
Biogeographical Realm: Palearctic
Country: Slovenia
Description: DPPVN - Association for Bird and Nature Protection is a non-profit organization, whose activities are related to the study and protection of nature as a whole.

The Society brings together a wide range of nature lovers and professionals engaged in the study of different groups of animals (birds, amphibians, reptiles, small mammals, dragonflies), ecology and nature conservation as a whole. DPPVN operates mainly in northeastern Slovenia, but some projects cover the entire Slovenian territory, and we are active across borders. dealing with the various conservation programs for native plant and animal species and their habitats. To this end, we are dealing with various forms of public awareness and environmental education. Thus, we organize different lectures, field trips, research camps conducted as well as a variety of scholarly research on flora and fauna and the conservation of natural habitats.
Status: Active
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