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Društvo za opazovanje in proucevanje ptic Slovenije

Name: Društvo za opazovanje in proucevanje ptic Slovenije
Translated Name: Society for Observation and Study of Birds of Slovenia
Acronym: DOPPS
Website: http://www.ptice.si/
Geographic Scope: National
Biogeographical Realm: Palearctic
Country: Slovenia
Description: DOPPS is one of the oldest non-governmental conservation organizations in Slovenia. Founded in 1979, today has over 1000 members. We are the leading nature conservation NGO in the country that combines bird lovers and nature throughout Slovenia. In 2001 we were awarded the title of society acting in the public interest of protecting nature.

The purpose of the DOPPS is to protect birds and their habitats, which is achieved by the work of nature conservation, research, education, izdajateljstvom, popularization and cooperation.

We are a full partner of the International Union for the Protection of Birds BirdLife International , which in Europe alone has more than 2 million people.
Status: Active
Year Established: 1979
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