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Ornithological Organizations

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Geographic Scope

Biogeographical Realm



Name Translated Name Acronym Website Country

International Ornithologists’ Union

IOU http://int-or...

Sociedad de Ornitología Neotropical

Neotropical Ornithological Society SON / NOS http://www.ne... Anguilla, Antigua and...

Société d’Etudes Ornithologiques de France

French Society for Ornithological Studies SEOF http://www.mn... France

Asociación Ornitológica de Costa Rica

Ornithological Association of Costa Rica AOCR http://www.av... Costa Rica

American Ornithologists' Union


Sociedad Española de Ornitología / BirdLife

Spanish Ornithological Society SEO/Birdlife http://www.se... Spain

Oklahoma Ornithological Society

OOS http://www.ok... United States

Wilson Ornithological Society

WOS http://www.wi... United States

Association of Field Ornithologists

Asociación de Ornitólogos de Campo AFO http://www.af... United States

Cooper Ornithological Society

COS http://www.am... United States

Society of Canadian Ornithologists

Société des Ornithologistes du Canada SCO-SOC http://www.sc... Canada

Asociación Colombiana de Ornitologia

Colombian Ornithology Association ACO http://asocia... Colombia

AvesChile/Unión de Ornitólogos de Chile

Chilean Ornithologists' Union http://www.av... Chile

Georgia Ornithological Society

GOS http://www.go... United States

Virginia Society of Ornithology

VSO http://www.vi... United States

Raptor Research Foundation

RRF http://www.ra...

European Ornithologists' Union

EOU http://www.eo...

British Ornithologists' Union

BOU http://bou-on... United Kingdom

Waterbird Society

WbS / WS http://www.wa...

Turkey Vulture Society


Ornithological Society of Japan

http://ornith... Japan

Sociedad para el Estudio y Conservación de las Aves en México (antes Sección Mexicana del Consejo Internacional para la Preservación de las Aves)

Society for the study and Conservation of the Birds in Mexico (Mexican Section of the International Council for Bird Preservation) CIPAMEX http://www.ci... Mexico

Australian Bird Study Association

ABSA http://www.ab... Australia

Aves Argentinas/Asociación Ornitológica del Plata

Plata Ornithological Association http://www.av... Argentina

Centro Italiano Studi Ornitologici

Italian Center of Ornithological Studies CISO http://ciso-c... Italy