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Ornithological Organizations

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Geographic Scope

Biogeographical Realm



Name Translated Name Acronym Website Country

Alabama Ornithological Society

AOS http://www.ao... United States

Alaska Raptor Center

http://www.al... United States

Arizona Field Ornithologists

AZFO http://www.az... United States

Arkansas Audubon Society

AAS http://www.ar... United States

Asociación Ornitológica de Costa Rica

Ornithological Association of Costa Rica AOCR http://www.av... Costa Rica

Buffalo Ornithological Society

BOS http://www.bu... United States

California Field Ornithologists

United States

Canberra Ornithologists Group

http://canber... Australia

Colorado Field Ornithologists

CFO http://cfobir... United States

Connecticut Ornithological Association

COA http://www.ct... United States

Cooper Ornithological Club of the Pacific Coast

United States

Delmarva Ornithological Society

DOS http://www.do... United States

Denver Field Ornithologists

DFO http://dfobir... United States

Florida Ornithological Society

FOS http://www.fo... United States

Georgia Ornithological Society

GOS http://www.go... United States

Grup Balear d'Ornitologia i Defensa de la Naturalesa

Balearic Group of Ornithology and Defence of Nature GOB http://www.go... Spain

Hawaii Audubon Society

HAS http://www.ha... United States

Illinois Ornithological Society

IOS http://www.il... United States

Indiana Audubon Society

IAS http://www.in... United States

Institut Català d'Ornitologia

Catalan Institute of Ornithology ICO http://www.or... Spain

Kent Ornithological Society

http://www.ke... United Kingdom

Kentucky Ornithological Society

KOS http://biolog... United States

Klamath Basin Audubon Society

KBAS http://www.ea... United States

L'Institut Català d'Ornitologia

Catalan Ornithological Institute ICO http://www.or... Spain

Louisiana Ornithological Society

LOS http://losbir... United States