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High County Audubon Society

Name: High County Audubon Society
Acronym: HCAS
Website: http://www.highcountryaudubon.org/home.html
Geographic Scope: Sub-national
Biogeographical Realm: Neotropic
Country: United States
Description: The chapter is designed to encourage beginning birders and experts alike to engage in conservation, education, and research, for the birds of Western North Carolina, taking “an entertaining and educational approach” to conservation that matches the National Audubon Society’s mission of ‘Connecting People to Nature,’ stated immediate past president Miles Tager.
As the newest Audubon chapter in North Carolina HCAS offers monthly chapter meetings and field trips and at least one large annual trip. “This chapter is designed to encourage both beginning birders and experts alike and to engage in conservation, education and research of birds of Western North Carolina,” another spokesperson shared. “We are dedicated to enjoying and helping to protect our local birds.”
Status: Active
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