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Carolina Bird Club

Name: Carolina Bird Club
Acronym: CBC
Website: https://www.carolinabirdclub.org
Geographic Scope: Sub-national
Biogeographical Realm: Neotropic
Country: United States
Description: The Carolina Bird Club is a non-profit organization which represents and supports the birding community in the Carolinas through its official website, publications, meetings, workshops, trips, and partnerships, whose mission is

To promote the observation, enjoyment, and study of birds.
To provide opportunities for birders to become acquainted, and to share information and experience.
To maintain well-documented records of birds in the Carolinas.
To support the protection and conservation of birds and their habitats and foster an appreciation and respect of natural resources.
To promote educational opportunities in bird and nature study.
To support research on birds of the Carolinas and their habitats.
Status: Active
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