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California Waterfowl Association

Name: California Waterfowl Association
Acronym: CWA
Website: http://www.calwaterfowl.org/mission-vision-history
Geographic Scope: Sub-national
Biogeographical Realm: Neotropic
Country: United States
Description: The California Waterfowl Association is a statewide nonprofit organization whose principal objectives are to conserve California’s waterfowl, wetlands and hunting heritage.

In order to fulfill that mission, CWA has carefully thought out the following goals:

Generate sufficient abundance and dispersion of waterfowl throughout California and the Pacific Flyway.
Protect hunting rights, shooting sports, the use of dogs, and related recreation activities for all Californians.
Expand hunter opportunity, recruit new hunters, and teach skills and behaviors that will help sustain hunting into the future.
Communicate the importance and benefits of hunting.
Increase membership and funding for CWA to increase our capacity to achieve our mission.
Ensure the long-term viability of CWA and plan for its growth.
Maximize volunteer effectiveness.
Status: Active
Year Established: 1945
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