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Migratory Connectivity Project

Title: Migratory Connectivity Project
Geographic Scope: Global
Description: Advancing the science of global animal movements and connectivity by promoting the research and conservation of species throughout the annual cycle.

The MCP is an initiative to conduct comprehensive life cycle analyses for wildlife, pushing forward the science of animal movements and connectivity by:
  • Advancing the use of current technologies and facilitating development of new technologies to increase the understanding of migratory connectivity.
  • Studying migratory connectivity and seasonal interactions at multiple temporal and spatial scales.
  • Integrating the use of migratory connectivity knowledge (data, models, analyses) to make it available to environmental managers and policy makers for informed decision making.
  • Working among government agencies and with a suite of public and private partners to accomplish these tasks.
  • Educating the public about migratory connectivity and international conservation.
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URL: http://www.migratoryconnectivityproject.org/