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Kaua`i Forest Bird Recovery Project

Title: Kaua`i Forest Bird Recovery Project
Geographic Scope: Kauai Island, Hawaii, USA
Description: Our main focus is researching the demography and behavioral ecology of the three endangered forest bird species on Kauai, Puaiohi, ‘Akikiki and ‘Akeke’e, while opportunistically collecting data on other native forest bird species. Demographic studies entail assessing population size and trends via audio-visual surveys throughout the range of each species, as well as assessing vital rates, such as survival and reproductive success, in study plots. Behavioral ecology studies document differences in foraging behavior and diet, nesting behavior, and habitat use among different sites. Ultimately we aim to determine which of the potential threats to these species – disease, introduced predators, or loss of habitat and food resources – most affect vital rates and important behaviors so we can target these threats with our conservation efforts.
URL: http://kauaiforestbirds.org/