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Taxacom - Biological Systematics Discussion List

Title: Taxacom - Biological Systematics Discussion List
Description: Taxacom is an e-mail list for biological systematics. Named and brought to life by Dr. Richard Zander, Taxacom began its peripatetic existence on a dark and snowy night, January 12, 1987, as a dial-up Bulletin Board System "BBS" at the Buffalo Museum of Science, Buffalo, New York. It re-emerged as a BITNET Listserv at Michigan State University, on Feb 9, 1990, and moved to the Harvard University 'Harvarda" Listserv on November 2, 1992. It was subsequently sited on October 20, 1994 as a Listserv list at the University of California, Berkeley on cmsa.berkeley.edu. Then Taxacom migrated to the Listserv at the University of Kansas Natural History Museum on May 1, 1999; and was reconfigured with GNU Mailman mailing list software on April 28, 2006. Peter Rauch (Univ. of California, Berkeley, retired) and Jim Beach (Univ. of Kansas, Lawrence, still slaving) have co-managed Taxacom since 1990. The role of Taxacom in the biological systematics community has been examined sociologically by the ethnographer Dr. Christine Hine in her 2008 book: Systematics as Cyberscience, MIT Press, ISBN 978-0-262-08371-3.
URL: http://mailman.nhm.ku.edu/mailman/listinfo/taxacom