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Ethno-ornithology Research & Study Group

Title: Ethno-ornithology Research & Study Group
Geographic Scope: Global
Description: This group has been established to provide a clearinghouse, information source and discussion point for people interested in the study of, research about and application of indigenous bird knowledge.
Anyone with an interest in this area is invited to submit their thoughts, suggestions or ideas. We also welcome the posting of published or unpublished papers, bibliographies, photographs and conference notifications.

The catalyst for the formation of this group was the conduct of a day-long symposium on ethno-ornithology at the Australiasian Ornithological Conference at Blenheim, New Zealand in December 2005. Ten papers were delivered at that symposium and they examined aspects of ornithology relevant to the Maori, Australian Aboriginal and Papuan peoples. In addition, we've been more than pleasantly surprised by the responses to our postings to various listservers around the world advising of the availability of ethno-ornithological data, information and news. We have had responses from academics across the scientific and social sciences disciplines, from researchers and practitioners in the field and from institutions including museums and governmental and non-governmental agencies. There has also been a good response from individual bird-watchers and ornithologists.

We are looking to build on the success of the AOC 2005 symposium and to broaden the focus of this group to include ethno-ornithological researchers and practitioners, particularly indigenous people and organisations, from all over the world.

If you are interested or have data, papers, information, suggestions or criticisms that may be relevant please join the group and contribute your material.
Keywords: Ethnoornithology
URL: http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/ethnoornithology/