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Grants & Awards

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  Name Organization Award Amount Location of Research / Travel / Meeting Etc. Annual Application Deadline(s)
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Wally Dreyfoos Scholarship

Georgia Ornithological Society up to $5000 North America September
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Webless Migratory Game Bird Program

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Average award amount $46,000 (1995–2012) North America November
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Western Bird Banding Association Grants

Western Bird Banding Association $1000 North America, Central America,... August
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Western Hummingbird Partnership Small Grants

Western Hummingbird Partnership Varies annually North America Continuous

Wildlife Conservation Fund

John Ball Zoo Conservation Society $500-$2500 March

Wildlife Diversity Small Grants Program

South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Up to $5,000 North America February

Wildlife Grants

Montana Audubon up to $1200 North America December

Wildlife Research and Conservation

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund $5000-$25000 February, October

Wildlife Research Grants Program/Seattle City Light

City of Seattle $5,000-$75,000 North America January

Wilks Award

Southwestern Association of Naturalists $1000 North America
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William C. Andersen Memorial Award

Raptor Research Foundation $100-300 North America

William C. Churchill fund – Karl T. Fredrick memorial Fund

American Wildlife Conservation Foundation $2000 North America February
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WSO Grant

Wisconsin Society for Ornithology up to $500 North America January

Young Explorers Grants

National Geographic $2,000-$5,000 North America, Central America,... Continuous
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Zeleny Research Grant

North American Bluebird Society $500-$5000 North America June, December