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BOU Career Development Bursary

Name: BOU Career Development Bursary
Bird-specific?: Yes
Website: http://www.bou.org.uk/grants-and-bursaries/career-development-bursary/
Organization: British Ornithologists' Union
Award Amount: Up to £2500
Eligible Recipients: Masters Students, Doctoral Students, Postdoctoral , Early Professionals
Purpose: Research
Location of Research / Travel / Meeting Etc.: Europe
Annual Application Deadline(s): November
Description: These aim to support short-term research positions for young (or early career) ornithologists, between a first and higher degree programme or immediately after completion of a higher degree.

Successful grant proposals will combine the applicant’s development of skills that will be useful for their future career in ornithology with sound science.

Projects can focus on any aspect of ornithology and will be judged on their scientific quality (including a clearly defined objective that is achievable within the time available), their training/career development potential, their scope for thought and initiative by the Applicant (i.e. not using the Applicant as an research assistant), the track record of the Applicant, the suitability of the nominated supervisor and the likely degree of support and contact between the supervisor and the Applicant. Proposals that tie in with and add value to existing projects are encouraged, because they may offer more reliable scientific quality and opportunities for skill development. We also encourage proposals which are outside the Applicant’s usual research interests and/or would see the Applicant moving to/working with an institute or research environment different to their existing/former affiliations