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Mirando Aves en Nicaragua

Chris Merkord
  • Elisabet Jané; Santiago Guallar; Tony Bonney Elisabet Jané; Tony Bonney Hispamer 2014 Managua Nicaragua https://hispamer.online.com.ni/Pages/Product.aspx?category=Ensayos2&cat=0140_HISPAMER&pid=0140_310

    Language: English and Spanish

    265 pages

    Tamaño: Anch: 0.14 Lar:0.21 Alt:0.02

    Spanish , Neotropic, , Nicaragua, No value 03/27/2014 9788461687138 No value

Nicaragua holds a large biodiversity which comprises nearly 800 bird species (resident and migratory altogether). This book shows photographs and basic information on the most frequently seen species (as well as on some not so easy to be seen) which includes the scientific name, the English name, the Nicaraguan name, the bird size and its habitat. For some species, differences between sexes and ages, and the seasonal change in plumage are also shown. Photographs have been selected to ease the identification of each species.


It includes a section with birdwatching hotspots, indicating contact information and the availabilty of bird guides.


This book has being designed to help both Nicaraguans and visitors who want to start birdwatching. It is also aimed at increasing the knowledge on the birds of Nicaragua, and especially so that young Nicaraguans become aware of the extraordinary biological richness of their country, and learn to love it and preserve it.

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