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Chris Merkord
  • A life-size guide to every species Fogden, Michael; Taylor, Marianne; Williamson, Sheri L. Ivy Press 2014 http://www.ivypress.co.uk/books/hummingbirds/

    400 pages

    H 200mm x W 150mm

    full colour throughout

    85,000 words

    English , Nearctic, Neotropic, , Hummingbirds (Trochilidae), 03/01/2014 9781782400899 No value No value

Hummingbirds have always held popular appeal, with their visual brilliance, extraordinary flight dexterity and jewel-like size and colour. Only recently has their serious scientific study started to gain the attention it demands. With the increasing interest in biodiversity, they are a subject growing in significance with every new species discovery made. Hummingbirds presents every species, with over 300 birds shown in dazzling, life-size, cut-out photography. Concise descriptions and an appealing, portable format work together to make this an important addition to every enthusiast’s bookshelf.

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