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Barn Owl Conservation Handbook

Chris Merkord
  • A comprehensive guide for ecologists, surveyors, land managers and ornithologists The Barn Owl Trust Pelagic Publishing 2012 Exeter United Kingdom http://www.pelagicpublishing.com/barn-owl-conservation-handbook-a-comprehensive-guide-for-ecologists-surveyors-land-managers-and-ornithologists.html English , Global, Afrotropic, Australasian, Indo-Malay, Nearctic, Neotropic, Oceanic, Palearctic, , Barn Owls (Tytonidae), No value 07/01/2012 9781907807145 No value

A comprehensive handbook covering all aspects of the conservation of Barn Owls. Written by the Barn Owl Trust, this book includes in-depth information on Barn Owl survey techniques, relevant ecology, Barn Owls and the law, mortality, habitat management, use of nest boxes and barn Owl rehabilitation. Essential reading for ecologists, planners, land managers and ornithologists.

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