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Hole-nesting birds as a model in solving the problems of population ecology and evolution

Chris Merkord
  • Materials of the International conference Gavrilov V.M. et al. KMK Scientific Press 2014 Moscow Russian Federation http://avtor-kmk.ru/pages/showitem.php?id=595

    Title: Международная научная конференция “Птицы-дуплогнездники как модельные объекты в решении проблем популяционной экологии и эволюции


    211 pages

    Russian , Australasian, No value No value No value

The transactions of the International Scientific Conference “Hole-nesting birds as a model in solving the problems of population ecology and evolution” include 50 articles covered burning issues of evolutionary and population ecology, behavioural and physiological aspects of the adults-young interaction, topical and trophic links of hole-nesting birds, issues of hole-nesting birds as bioindicators of changes in the environment (climate, environmental pollution, the transformation of landscapes, etc.). The transactions also contain studies with special view of the biology of many hole-nesting birds species in the area including a description of rare phenomena. — The transactions are designed for a professional ornithologists, the students and nature-lovers who want to get acquainted with the convenient objects for observation.

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