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Geographic variation in social behavior and in adaptations to competition among Andean birds

Chris Merkord
  • Martin Moynihan Nuttall Ornithological Club 1979 Cambridge, Massachusetts United States http://www.nuttallclub.org/Publications.htm

    A review was published in the Auk Vol. 96, No. 4 (Oct., 1979), pp. 825-827 by François Vuilleumier.


    The list of families covered needs to be double-checked.

    English , Neotropic, , Bolivia, Plurinational State of, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of, , Ovenbirds (Furnariidae), Tyrant Flycatchers (Tyrannidae), Vireos, Greenlets (Vireonidae), Wrens (Troglodytidae), Thrushes (Turdidae), Finches (Fringillidae), New World Warblers (Parulidae), Oropendolas, Orioles & Blackbirds (Icteridae), Bananaquit (Coerebidae), Buntings, New World Sparrows and allies (Emberizidae), Tanagers and allies (Thraupidae), Cardinals, Grosbeaks and allies (Cardinalidae), Publications of the Nuttall Ornithological Club 18 Raymond A. Paynter, Jr. 01/01/1979 No value No value

162 pp., frontispiece, 42 tables, 16 figs., 1 map.

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