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Cuckoos, Cowbirds, and Other Cheats

Melanie Colón
  • NB Davies T & AD Poyser Ltd (A & C Black) 2000 http://poyserbooks.blogspot.com

    310 pages, photos, illus

    English , Global, Afrotropic, Australasian, Indo-Malay, Nearctic, Neotropic, Oceanic, Palearctic, , Cuckoos (Cuculidae), Oropendolas, Orioles & Blackbirds (Icteridae), Poyser Monographs 69 01/01/2011 9781408136669 No value No value

Cuckoos and cowbirds are amongst the select bird groups renowned as professional parasites, who always lay their eggs in the nests of other species, and this book describes the natural histories of all the brood parasites and examines the exciting questions they raise about the evolution of cheating and the arms race between parasites and their hosts. With illustrations by David Quinn.


Digital reprint of a book first published in 2000.

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