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Cooperative Breeding in Birds

Chris Merkord
  • Long Term Studies of Ecology and Behaviour Peter B. Stacey, Walter D. Koenig (eds) Cambridge University Press 1990 United Kingdom http://www.cambridge.org/us/knowledge/isbn/item5707708/?site_locale=en_US

    One of CHOICE's Outstanding Academic Books 1990-91


    634 pages

    Dimensions: 228 x 152 mm

    Weight: 1.1kg

    English , Global, 04/01/1990 9780521372985 No value No value

Stacey and Koenig discuss the phenomenon of cooperative breeding among birds, an unusual kind of social behavior common to only a few hundred species worldwide, in which individuals other than the male-female pairs help to raise the young of a single nest or den. Because certain individuals aid in raising offspring which are not their own, cooperative breeding gives rise to some of the clearest examples of altruism among animals. This unique breeding behavior is of interest to evolutionary biologists and behavioral ecologists since such species exhibit some of the most unusual and bizarre social behavior observed anywhere in the animal kingdom. The studies are all long term and consequently the book summarizes some of the most extensive studies of the behavior of marked individuals ever undertaken. Graduate students and research workers in ornithology, sociobiology, behavioral ecology and evolutionary biology will find much of value in this book.

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