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Books about birds written for a popular audience.

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Bird Sense

What it's Like to be a Bird
By Tim Birkhead
Apr 2012 Most people would love to be able to fly like a bird, but few of us are aware of the other sensat...

Crow Country

By Cocker, Mark
Aug 2008 Mark Cocker's brilliant description of his journeys in search of crows and ravens, birds that obs...


By Janine Rogers
Jul 2015 A symbol of power, divinity, war, and justice, the eagle has been one of the most dominant birds...

The Eagle's Way

Nature's New Frontier in a Northern Landscape
By Jim Crumley
Mar 2014 In The Eagle’s Way , renowned nature writer Jim Crumley uses his many years of observing golden e...


By Caitlin R. Kight
Jul 2015 With their distinctive pink coloring and one-legged stance, flamingos are easily the most recogni...

Grey Hornbills at Dusk

Nature Rambles Through Delhi
By Bulbul Sharma
Jun 2014 Delhi, with its graceful old gardens and sprawling parks, unexpected patches of scrub forest and...

Looking for the Goshawk

A Quest in Search of an Elusive Bird of Prey
Apr 2013 The book traces Conor Jameson's travels in search of the Goshawk, a magnificent yet rarely seen (...


The Art of Birds
By Janine Burke
May 2013 We tend to take birds for granted, in the landscape or in our neighbourhoods. The presence of bir...


The Ultimate Guide
By Tui De Roy, Mark Jones, Jul...
Aug 2014 Penguins are perhaps the most beloved birds. On land, their behavior appears so humorous and expr...

Seasons of The Tallgrass Prairie

A Nebraska Year
By Paul J. Johnsgard
Dec 2014 A respected author and scholar, Paul A. Johnsgard has spent a lifetime observing the natural deli...

Sheer Cliffs and Shearwaters

A Skomer Island Journal
By Richard Kipling
Oct 2013 The author explores the natural history of Skomer Island and provides a personal reflection on li...

Their Fate is Our Fate

How Birds Foretell Threats to Our Health and Ou...
By Peter Doherty
Sep 2013 At the heart of this book by Nobel Prize–winning immunologist and professor Peter Doherty is this...

Walking Wild Shores

Portraits of the Natural World
By Kevin Winker
May 2013 Ornithologist Kevin Winker, PhD, reveals his enthusiasm for and fascination with birds around the...