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Bird Ringing

A Concise Guide

Bird Ringing

A Concise Guide

Author: Dawn Balmer, Liz Coiffait, Jacquie Clark and Rob Robinson

Published: 2008-11-27

Publisher's Description:

An introductory guide explaining how and why we ring birds. Contains many examples of how ringing contributes to research and monitoring, making this guide a useful training tool for ringers.


75 pages, illustrated


  • Language: English
  • Biogeographical Realm: Global
  • Countries Covered:
  • Families Covered:

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  • Publisher: British Trust for Ornithology
  • City: London
  • Country: United Kingdom


  • Series Title: BTO Guide
  • Number in Series: 91
  • Series Editor:

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  • Date Published: 26 Nov 2008
  • ISBN-10: 1906204454
  • ISBN-13: 9781906204457