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Species Monographs

Books about a single bird species or closely related group of species.

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The Bonelli's Eagle

Ecology, Behaviour and Conservation
By Hernandez, Víctor J.
Nov 2014

The Goshawk

By Robert Kenward and Alan Harris
Dec 2006 A large and spectacular bird of prey, the Goshawk lives in boreal forests throughout the Northern...

The Greater Flamingo

By Alan Johnson and Frank Cezilly
Jan 2008 With their curious feeding behaviour, peculiar elongated body, gregarious social lives and exotic...

The Hen Harrier

By Donald Watson
Oct 2010 Artist, ornithologist and author, Donald Watson has made an especial study of the Hen Harrier Cir...

The Life of Buzzards

By Peter Dare
Sep 2015 The fascinating lives of Buzzards are revealed from extensive studies over many yearsA long overd...

Martinet Noir

Entre Ciel et Pierre
By Bernard Genton, Marcel S.....
Jan 2014 Parce qu'il passe sa vie en l'air, le Martinet noir a des caractéristiques spécifiques tout à fai...

The Merlin

By Richard Sale
Mar 2015 The Merlin is a fascinating small falcon, standing outside the usual grouping of the 'True Falcon...

The Skylark

By Paul Donald
Feb 2004 The Skylark is one of Britain's most popular and inspirational birds, and in recent years it has...

The Teal

By Johan Elmberg, Matthieu Gui...
Oct 2014 Small, noisy and colorful, the Teal is a familiar duck throughout the wetlands and waterways Euro...