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Field Identification Guides

Books for the field identification of birds, usually with accompanying illustrations or photographs. Species accounts are short and focused on information useful for identification in the field.


Advanced Field Identification

Geared towards birding enthusiasts, these books focus on the finer points of field identification of birds.

11 Books

Introductory Guides

Geared towards the general public as opposed to ornithologists or hardcore birders, these books often present basic information about each species or feature a subset of the avifauna for an area.

12 Books

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A Guide to the Birds of the Southeastern States

Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi
By John H. Rappole
Feb 2006 No other region in America offers such a stunning abundance of birdlife (including an overwhelmin...

American Birding Association Field Guide to Birds of Colorado

By Ted Floyd
Jun 2014 Written by an expert Colorado birder and filled with crisp, gorgeous color photography, this new...

American Birding Association Field Guide to Birds of Florida

By Bill Pranty
Dec 2014 Written by expert birder Bill Pranty and filled with crisp, gorgeous color photography, the Ameri...

American Birding Association Field Guide to Birds of New Jersey

By Rick Wright
Apr 2014 Written by an expert New Jersey birder and filled with crisp, gorgeous color photography, this ne...

Birds of the Southwest

A Field Guide
By John H. Rappole
Feb 2001 The American Southwest is famous for its dramatic vistas and the exotic animals and plants that...

Common Birds of Nunavut

By Mallory, Mark L.
Apr 2014 Explore the fascinating world of Nunavut’s diverse bird populations in this richly visual, inform...

The Crossley ID Guide: Raptors

By Richard Crossley, Jerry Lig...
Apr 2013 Part of the revolutionary Crossley ID Guide series, this is the first raptor guide with lifelike...

Field Guide to Birds of the Northern California Coast

By Rich Stallcup, Jules Evens
Aug 2014 The Northern California coast--from Monterey County to the Oregon border--is home to some of the...

Field Guide to the Birds of Utah

By Tim Avery

Guia Fotográfico - Aves do Pantanal / Photographic Guide - Birds of the Pantanal

By Maria Antonietta C. Pivatto...
Jan 2012 This guide contains photographs of 455 species of birds present in the Pantanal region. The high...

Gulls of Europe, Asia and North America

By Klaus Malling Olsen and Han...
Jan 2003 The standard text on the identification of the northern hemisphere's gulls, this book covers the...


A life-size guide to every species
By Fogden, Michael; Taylor, Ma...
Mar 2014 Hummingbirds have always held popular appeal, with their visual brilliance, extraordinary flight...

National Geographic Complete Guide to the Birds of North America

Now Covering More Than 1,000 Species With the M...
Second edition
By Jonathan Alderfer
Oct 2014 Essential, comprehensive, and easy to use, the revised edition of National Geographic Complete Bi...

The North American Bird Guide

2nd Edition
By David Sibley
Jan 2014 When the Sibley Guide to Birds was published in 2000, it was an overnight sensation, selling 500,...

Pelagic Birds of the North Atlantic

An Identification Guide
By Andy Paterson
Aug 2012 Pelagic birding is an increasingly popular pastime in both Europe and North America, with ever gr...