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Field Identification Guides

Books for the field identification of birds, usually with accompanying illustrations or photographs. Species accounts are short and focused on information useful for identification in the field.


Advanced Field Identification

Geared towards birding enthusiasts, these books focus on the finer points of field identification of birds.

11 Books

Introductory Guides

Geared towards the general public as opposed to ornithologists or hardcore birders, these books often present basic information about each species or feature a subset of the avifauna for an area.

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Gulls of Europe, Asia and North America

By Klaus Malling Olsen and Han...
Jan 2003 The standard text on the identification of the northern hemisphere's gulls, this book covers the...

Owls of the World

A Photographic Guide
By Heimo Mikkola
Jul 2012 A complete guide to identifying the world's owls. Photographers spend hours waiting to capture t...

Parrots of the World

By Joseph M. Forshaw Illustrat...
Sep 2010 From the macaws of South America to the cockatoos of Australia, parrots are among the most beauti...

Raptors of the World

By James Ferguson-Lees & D...
Feb 2006 This new field guide covers all of the world's kites, vultures, harriers, hawks, buzzards, eagles...