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Cotingas and Manakins

Cotingas and Manakins

Author: Guy Kirwan and Graeme Green

Published: 2012-02-05

Publisher's Description:

The New World tropics are home to the richest avifauna on the planet, with more than 4,000 species, many of them endemic. Two groups found exclusively in this region are the cotingas and the manakins. Few other families of birds have such widespread appeal. They are much sought after by birders for their colorful displays, unusual plumages, and, in some cases, great rarity. Their natural history and behavior offer fascinating case studies for evolutionary biologists, while the intriguingly elusive relationships of these birds are of profound interest to taxonomists.

Cotingas and Manakins is the definitive work on these jewels of the Neotropics, covering more than 130 species. These range from some of the rarest and most enigmatic birds in the world to some of the best studied of all tropical species. Many are breathtakingly colorful and ornate while some are plain and difficult to see. This stunning volume features 34 color plates by Eustace Barnes, who has observed many of these species in the field, as well as distribution maps and approximately 400 color photographs that cover all but a tiny handful of species. Complete with detailed species accounts describing key identification features, Cotingas and Manakins is the authoritative illustrated guide to these magnificent Neotropical birds.

Covers more than 130 species of cotingas and manakins
Features 34 color plates and about 400 color photos
Includes detailed species accounts and distribution maps
The must-have illustrated guide to these colorful and exotic birds



  • Language: English
  • Biogeographical Realm: Neotropic
  • Countries Covered:
  • Families Covered: Cotingas (Cotingidae), Manakins (Pipridae)


  • Publisher: Princeton University Press
  • City:
  • Country:


  • Series Title: Helm Identification Guides
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  • Date Published: 05 Feb 2012
  • ISBN-10: 0691153523
  • ISBN-13: 9780691153520