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Family Guides

Books that provide in-depth information on all species in a particular taxonomic group (e.g. a bird family or order) or functional group (e.g. seabirds or raptors).

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Their Evolution, Ecology and Conservation
By Michael O'Neal Campbell
Jul 2015 Provides a detailed study of the evolution of vulturesExamines the differences between Old World...

Wild Geese

Second edition
By MA Ogilvie
Jan 1970 In range, Wild Geese covers the geese of North America, Europe and Asia, and thus the world speci...


By David Cabot
Jan 2014 New Naturalist Wildfowl provides a much-anticipated overview of the fascinating birds that have b...

Woodpeckers of the World

The Complete Guide
By Gorman, Gerard
Jun 2014 Woodpeckers remain one of the most popular families of birds, and they are certainly one of the m...