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Identification, Distribution, and Natural History Guides

Books about the identification, distribution, or natural history of birds.


Field Identification Guides

  1. Advanced Field Identification
  2. Introductory Guides

Books for the field identification of birds, usually with accompanying illustrations or photographs. Species accounts are short and focused on information useful for identification in the field.

154 Books

In-Hand Identification Guides

Books on the identification, ageing, and sexing of birds in the hand.

3 Books

Nest & Egg Identification

Guides to identifying bird nests and eggs.

2 Books

Atlases & Inventories

Atlases, inventories, and other books focusing on the status and distribution of bird species.

58 Books

Regional Handbooks

Books or series that provide in-depth accounts for all species in a particular geographic area.

16 Books



5 Books

Family Guides

Books that provide in-depth information on all species in a particular taxonomic group (e.g. a bird family or order) or functional group (e.g. seabirds or raptors).

49 Books

Species Monographs

Books about a single bird species or closely related group of species.

54 Books