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All about Birds

A Short Illustrated History of Ornithology

All about Birds

A Short Illustrated History of Ornithology

Author: Valérie Chansigaud

Published: 2010-03-01

Publisher's Description:

Colorful, musical, graceful, easily observed--birds have always fascinated amateur and professional naturalists alike. This richly illustrated book tells the fascinating story of ornithology from ancient times to the present. Filled throughout with paintings, drawings, photographs, and diagrams, many of them in brilliant color, All about Birds is a fast-paced chronological account of the personalities and milestones that have shaped this most popular of sciences--from Aristotle, Audubon, and Darwin to Peterson and Sibley. These key figures and events are also documented in a unique twenty-page illustrated color timeline at the end of the book. Brief individual chapters cover antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the seventeenth through twentieth centuries. With its beautiful design and illustrations, and its concise and informative text, this lively book will delight anyone who loves birds.
  • A clear and concise chronological account, from antiquity to the present
  • Richly illustrated throughout with some 250 images, many of them in color
  • Unique 20-page illustrated color timeline documents key figures and events


From the Inside Flap

"This is the deepest and most thorough history of ornithology that I have seen. The mixture of history, biographical sketches, period illustrations, and science give it a broad appeal, and the writing is quite engaging. An important feature of the book is its coverage of European ornithology, which nicely complements books on the history of American ornithology and birding. The book's timeline is especially valuable."--Frank Gill, former president of the American Ornithologist's Union


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  • Publisher: Princeton University Press
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  • Date Published: 28 Feb 2010
  • ISBN-10: 0691145199
  • ISBN-13: 9780691145198