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Current Ornithology

Volume 12

Current Ornithology

Volume 12

Author: Power, Dennis M.

Published: 1995-01-01

Publisher's Description:

In Volume 12, eminent international ornithologists further elucidate endocrinological correlates of mating strategies and hormones and reproductive behavior; assess the value of the ''brood reduction hypothesis'' in explaining ''the paradox of hatching asynchrony''; and explore the validity and sensitivity of growth bands in feathers as an indication of nutritional condition and the use of feather banding in studying growth. Chapters are well supported with charts, maps, schematic diagrams, and photographs. Current Ornithology is the only English-language publication currently devoted exclusively to extensive reviews and synthesis of topics pertaining to all aspects of the biology of birds. Chapters fall under such diverse rubrics as ecology, evolution, behavior, phylogeny, behavioral ecology, anatomy and physiology, and conservation biology. All authors are leading authorities on their subjects, and each chapter is refereed by experts in the topics covered. Although all chapters focus primarily on birds, some topics, such as the social cognition of birds as compared to primates (Volume 13), have significant application to disciplines outside of ornithology. Current Ornithology aims to provide an accessible, up-to-date, accurate source of data and to contribute to conceptual generalization and unification across the biological sciences.

Table of Contents
  • Testosterone and Polygyny in Birds; L.D. Beletsky, et al.
  • Using Migration Counts to Monitor Landbird Populations: Review and Evaluation of Current Status; E.H. Dunn, D.J.T. Hussell.
  • Ptilochronology: A Review and Prospectus; T.C. Grubb Jr.
  • Individual Voice Discrimination in Birds;M.M. Lambrechts, A.A. Dhondt.
  • The Evolution of Bird Coloration and Plumage Elaboration: A Review of Hypothesis; U.M. Savalli.
  • Hatching Asynchrony and the Onset of Incubation in Birds Revisited: When Is the Critical Period? S.H. Stoleson, S.R. Beissinger.


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  • Series Title: Current Ornithology
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  • Date Published: 31 Dec 1994
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