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Seasonal Movements of Summer Migrants

Seasonal Movements of Summer Migrants

Author: Riddiford, Nick; Findley, Peter

Published: 1981-01-01

Publisher's Description:

This guide clearly presents the timing of main immigration and emigration of birds to and from Britain with accounts of 38 species.


84 pages, illustrated, 21 cm
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OCLC Number: 16615224


  • Language: English
  • Biogeographical Realm: Global
  • Countries Covered:
  • Families Covered:

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  • Publisher: British Trust for Ornithology
  • City: London
  • Country: United Kingdom


  • Series Title: BTO Guide
  • Number in Series: 18
  • Series Editor:

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  • Date Published: 31 Dec 1980
  • ISBN-10:
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