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Books on avian migration, nomadism, and other movements.

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Gatherings of Angels

Migrating Birds and Their Ecology
By Able, Keneth P.
Jan 1999 The migration of birds has forever amazed and confounded onlookers. How do birds find their way t...

Hawk Highway in the Sky

Watching Raptor Migration
By Caroline Arnold, Robert Kru...
Jan 1997 Provides information about hawks, eagles, and falcons and efforts to study them, especially the H...

The Homing Instinct

Meaning and Mystery in Animal Migration
By Bernd Heinrich
Apr 2014 A captivating exploration of the homing instinct in animals, and what it means for human happines...

How Birds Migrate

First edition
By Kerlinger, Paul
Jan 1995 The mysteries of migration have puzzled birders and prompted scientific inquiry for years. Here,...

How Birds Migrate

Second edition
By Kerlinger, Paul
Jan 2009 Information on migratory flight patterns, flight speed and distance, travel seasons, calls of mig...

Invisible Connections

Why migrating shorebirds need the Yellow Sea
By van de Kam, Jan; P.F. Battl...
Jan 2002 Each year, invisible to the naked eye, millions of migrating shorebirds fly from Australasia towa...

Kompasssysteme in der Orientierung von Vögeln

By Wiltschko, Roswitha
Jan 1995

Living on the Wind

Across the Hemisphere With Migratory Birds
By Weidensaul, Scott
Apr 1999 Bird migration is the world's only true unifying natural phenomenon, stitching the continents tog...

Methods of studying visible bird migration

By Kumari, Eerik
Jan 1980

Migrating Raptors of the World

Their Ecology and Conservation
By Bildstein, Keith L.
Sep 2006 Many raptors, the hawks, eagles, and falcons of the world, migrate over long distances, often in...


The Biology of Life on the Move
Second Edition
By Dingle, Hugh
Jul 2014 Migration, broadly defined as directional movement to take advantage of spatially distributed res...

The Migration Atlas

Movements of the Birds of Britain and Ireland
By Chris Wernham, Gavin Siriwa...
Dec 2002 Using a vast amount of data that the British Trust for Ornithology have collected from ringing re...

The Migration Ecology of Birds

By Newton, Ian
Dec 2007 Key FeaturesHot ecological aspects include: various types of bird movements, including dispersal...

Migration Hotspots

The World's Best Bird Migration Sites
By Tim Harris
Aug 2013 Each spring and autumn hundreds of millions of birds - wildfowl, shorebirds, raptors, and passeri...

Migration of Birds

Revised edition
By Lincoln, Frederick C.
Jan 1979 The changing picture of bird populations throughout the year intrigues those who are observant an...