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Books on avian migration, nomadism, and other movements.

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Bird Migration

A General Survey
First Edition
By Berthold, Peter
Jan 1993 This accessible introduction to the science of bird migration--the only such book currently avail...

Bird Migration

A General Survey
Second edition
By Berthold, Peter
Jul 2001 Update of the only concise book available at this level.Both tells what birds do and describes th...

Bird Migration

Physiology and Ecophysiology
By Gwinner, Eberhard
Jan 1990 This multi-author volume reviews the present state of knowledge about the physiology and ecophysi...

Bird Migration and Global Change

By Cox, George W.
Aug 2010 Changes in seasonal movements and population dynamics of migratory birds in response to ongoing c...

Bird Migration in the Mississippi Valley

By Cooke, W. W.; Widman, Otto
Nov 1883

Bird Migration, Weather and Fallout

Including the Migrant Traps of Alabama and Nort...
By Duncan, Robert A.
Jan 1994

Bird Migrations

By Swirski, Zbigniew
Jan 1965

Bird Navigation

Second edition
By Matthews, G. V. T.
Sep 1968 Many species of birds travel thousands of miles from their breeding grounds to their winter quart...

Bird Navigation

The Solution of a Mystery?
By Baker, R. Robin
Sep 1984 The author, in the light of recent discoveries, explores the view held by some leading ornitholog...

Birds of Two Worlds

The Ecology and Evolution of Migration
By Greenberg, Russell; Marra,...
Jan 2005 For centuries biologists have tried to understand the underpinnings of avian migration: where bir...

Cap sur les migrations d'Oiseaux

By Bertrand, Loyer
Jan 1999 Cap sur... , une collection de guides de voyage pour découvrir et approcher les animaux dans leur...

Control of Bird Migration

By Berthold, Peter
Jan 1996

The Ecology of Migrant Birds

A Neotropical Perspective
By Rappole, John H.
Nov 1995 Incorporating new information on migratory birds, most gathered within the past decade, this comp...

Flight Strategies of Migrating Hawks

By Kerlinger, Paul
Oct 1989 Hawks fly at very high altitudes, sometimes over water, and thus their flight behavior and migrat...

La France à Tire-d'Aile

Comprendre et Observer les Migrations d'Ois...
By Philippe J Dubois, Elise Ro...
Sep 2005 À travers une compilation de données réunies pour la première fois à l’échelle de notre pays, La...