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Books on avian migration, nomadism, and other movements.

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Avian Orientation and Navigation

By Schmidt-Koenig, Klaus
Oct 1979 During recent years there has been an explosion of ideas and research in the field of bird orient...

Bird Migration

By Liz Oram, Robin Baker
Jan 1992 Discusses the migration patterns of such birds as sparrows, pigeons, owls, chickadees, swallows,...

Bird Migration

By Mead, Chris
Jan 1983 Discusses migration, the navigational abilities of birds, and scientific studies of migration, an...

Bird Navigation

Second edition
By Matthews, G. V. T.
Sep 1968 Many species of birds travel thousands of miles from their breeding grounds to their winter quart...

Bird Navigation

The Solution of a Mystery?
By Baker, R. Robin
Sep 1984 The author, in the light of recent discoveries, explores the view held by some leading ornitholog...

Migrating Raptors of the World

Their Ecology and Conservation
By Bildstein, Keith L.
Sep 2006 Many raptors, the hawks, eagles, and falcons of the world, migrate over long distances, often in...

The Migration Atlas

Movements of the Birds of Britain and Ireland
By Chris Wernham, Gavin Siriwa...
Dec 2002 Using a vast amount of data that the British Trust for Ornithology have collected from ringing re...

Migration Hotspots

The World's Best Bird Migration Sites
By Tim Harris
Aug 2013 Each spring and autumn hundreds of millions of birds - wildfowl, shorebirds, raptors, and passeri...

Миграция воробьиных птиц: остановки и полет

Passerine Migration: Stopovers and Flight
By Chernetsov, N. S.
Jan 2010 В монографии обобщены результаты изучения миграций воробьиных птиц, в первую очередь дальних ночн...

Passerine Migration

Stopovers and Flight
By Chernetsov, Nikita
Apr 2012 This monograph is the first attempt to summarize and critically review the vast literature on sto...

Seasonal Movements of Summer Migrants

By Riddiford, Nick; Findley, P...
Jan 1981 This guide clearly presents the timing of main immigration and emigration of birds to and from Br...