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Ecology & Behavior

Books on the ecology of birds, including behavior.

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Avian Urban Ecology

By Gil, Diego; Brumm, Henrik
Jan 2014 As natural habitat continues to be lost and the world steadily becomes more urbanized, biologists...

The Evolution of Begging

Competition, Cooperation and Communication
By Wright, J.; Leonard, Marty L.
Apr 2002 Begging by nestling birds has become the model system for investigating evolutionary conflicts of...

Hole-nesting birds as a model in solving the problems of population ecology and evolution

Materials of the International conference
By Gavrilov V.M. et al.
Jan 2014 The transactions of the International Scientific Conference “Hole-nesting birds as a model in sol...

The Social Life of Greylag Geese

Patterns, Mechanisms and Evolutionary Functions...
By Isabella B. R. Scheiber; Br...
Oct 2013 The flock of greylag geese established by Konrad Lorenz in Austria in 1973 has become an influent...