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Ecology & Behavior

Books on the ecology of birds, including behavior.

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Avian Invasions

The Ecology and Evolution of Exotic Birds
By Tim M. Blackburn, Julie L....
Oct 2009 Biological invaders represent one of the primary threats to the maintenance of global biodiversit...

Birds and Habitat

Birds and Habitat: Relationships in Changing La...
By Fuller, Robert J.
Dec 2012 The successful conservation of bird species relies upon our understanding of their habitat use an...

The Ecology of Bird Communities

Volume 1: Foundations and patterns
By Wiens, John A.
Sep 1989 These two books represent a synthesis and critical evaluation of studies conducted on bird commun...

The Ecology of Bird Communities

Volume: 2 Processes and Variations
By Wiens, John A.
Sep 1989 The two volumes of John Wiens' Ecology of Bird Communities have applications and importance to th...

Tales of Remarkable Birds

By Dominic Couzens
May 2015 Throughout the bird world, examples of strange and seemingly inexplicable behavior abound. For ex...