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Avian energetics and nutritional ecology

Avian energetics and nutritional ecology

Author: Carey, Cynthia

Published: 2012-07-01

Publisher's Description:

This volume analyzes the extremely energetic lifestyle of birds. Birds invest a large amount of energy flying, migrating, in parental care, and in reproducing. Leading researchers describe energy use by birds, and each chapter discusses the ecological implication of the topic and as far as possible describes the molecular and cellular mechanism behind each adaptation. Included are chapters on nutrition, digestion and feeding, metabolism, thermoregulation, hypometabolism, starvation, flight, moulting, foraging, migratory fattening, reproduction, incubation, embryonic development, post-natal growth, and populational energetics.


xiv, 543 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.


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  • Date Published: 30 Jun 2012
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