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Books on avian anatomy and physiology.

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Sturkie's Avian Physiology

Sixth Edition
By Scanes, C.
Sep 2014 Key Features Includes new chapters on endocrine disruptors, magnetoreception, genomics, proteomic...

The Inner Bird

Anatomy and Evolution
By Kaiser, Gary W.
Mar 2007 Birds are among the most successful vertebrates on Earth. An important part of our natural enviro...

Avian Physiology

Fourth edition
By Sturkie, P. D.
Jan 1986 Since the publication of earlier editions, there has been The new edition has a number of new con...

Ecophysiology of Desert Birds

By Maclean, Gordon L.
Jan 1996 The scientific study of birds in arid regions has been conducted more or less intensively for abo...

Avian Physiology

Third edition
By P. D. Sturkie
Jan 1976

Avian Growth and Development

Evolution within the Altricial-Precocial Spectrum
By J. Matthias Starck and Robe...
Feb 1998 This is the first re-appraisal in 50 years of concepts of development made in birds. This book is...

The Unfeathered Bird

By Katrina van Grouw
Jan 2013 There is more to a bird than simply feathers. And just because birds evolved from a single flying...

Avian energetics and nutritional ecology

By Carey, Cynthia
Jul 2012 This volume analyzes the extremely energetic lifestyle of birds. Birds invest a large amount of e...

Extreme Measures

The Ecological Energetics of Birds and Mammals
By McNab, Brian K.
Jun 2012 Along with reproduction, balancing energy expenditure with the limits of resource acquisition is...

Osteology for the Archaeologist

American Mastadon and the Woolly Mammoth; North...
By Stanley J. Olsen
This comparative analysis aids the fieldworker in identifying fossil proboscidean bones from earl...

A Guided Tour of Avian Anatomy

Twenty-fourteen edition
By James E. Smallwood
Jan 2014 A Guided Tour of Avian Anatomy includes introductory chapters on the comparative anatomy of bird...

A Guided Tour of Birds and Their Anatomy

By John Edgar Smallwood
Jan 2015 Living on the Neuse River in Raleigh, NC affords him the opportunity to photograph many species o...

The Avian Erythrocyte: Its Phylogenetic Odyssey

By Chester A. Glomski; Alessan...
Jul 2011 A comprehensive monograph exploring the evolutionary relationship of the avian erythrocyte with t...

Developments of the Avian Embryo

A Behavioural and Physiological Study
By Freeman
Oct 2013 In this book we have described the major events of embryonic development and considered the under...

The Epigenetics of Birds

By C. H. Waddington
Jan 1952 Originally published in 1952 as part of the Cambridge Biological Studies series, this book presen...