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Avian Biology

Books on the biology of birds, spanning levels of biological organization from molecules to organisms to ecosystems.


Ecology & Behavior

Books on the ecology of birds, including behavior.

22 Books

Breeding Biology

Books on breeding biology in birds including mating strategies, nest parasitism, parental care, and physiology.

12 Books

Population Biology

Books on population biology and demography in birds.

5 Books


Books on avian migration, nomadism, and other movements.

67 Books


Books on avian vocalizations and other sounds.

3 Books

Anatomy & Physiology

Books on avian anatomy and physiology.

23 Books

Health & Disease

Books relating to avian health and disease, including immunology, pathology, etiology, epidemiology, parasitology, medicine, and surgery.

6 Books

Feathers, Molt & Coloration

Books on feathers, molt, and coloration in birds.

9 Books

Avian Flight

Books on avian flight including biomechanics, aerodynamics, energetics, and physiology.

8 Books

Evolution & Natural Selection

Books on evolution and natural (or unnatural) selection in birds.

5 Books

Biogeography & Speciation

Books on avian biogeography and speciation.

6 Books


Books on birds existent prior to the start of the Holocene Epoch.

7 Books