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Australian Bird Calls: Favourites

By David Stewart
Dec 2000 Experience the evocative sounds of a significant number of Australia's bird species. Many of thes...

Australian Bird Calls: South-Western

By David Stewart
Dec 2005 The south-western region of Australia (bounded by Geraldton in the north to Esperance in the sout...

Australian Bird Calls: Subtropical East

By David Stewart
Dec 2003 Experience the wonderful calls of many of the birds of the subtropical eastern part of Australia...

Australian Bird Calls: Tasmania

By David Stewart
Dec 2001 Tasmania has 12 endemic bird species: the Tasmanian Native-hen, Green Rosella, Forty-spotted Pard...

Australian Bird Calls: Tropical North East

By David Stewart
Dec 2002 The Tropical North-east region of Australia enjoys a very diverse range of bird species, and incl...

Australian Bush Sounds: An Incredible Journey

By David Stewart
Dec 2000 Experience amazing bush sounds as you are taken on a journey around Australia. This album of 52 s...

Bird Calls of the Broome Region

By David Stewart
Dec 1999 The bird calls on this CD include 82 species, most of which were recorded in the vicinity of Broo...

Mallee Bird Calls: South-Eastern Australia

By David Stewart
Dec 2004 The mallee regions of south-eastern Australia, although very dry, have a diverse range of bird sp...

Voices of Subtropical Rainforests

By David Stewart
Dec 1994 Subtropical rainforests can be found from the mountains to the coast in south-eastern Queensland...