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  1. WESM (BirdLife in Malawi) united universities, faith groups and community organisations in a highly successful campaign which helped to fast-track a delayed court ruling on the ban on thin plastic in this landlocked southern African country.View the full article
  2. Too many youngsters were going missing after fledging. With no knowledge of where they fly to, it was much harder to halt their decline. Now, nine satellite-tagged juveniles have successfully left the nest. We can watch their journey – and so can you.View the full article
  3. Science Showcase: we talk to BirdLife scientists about a recent paper they have been working on that has expanded our knowledge of birds and conservation. This time, our Chief Scientist Stuart Butchart explains a study that predicts what climate change will mean for migratory birds.View the full article
  4. After years of preparation, the Raso Lark (Critically Endangered) now spreads its wings on its new home of Santa Luzia – video belowView the full article
  5. Bird Conservation International is our quarterly peer-reviewed journal, promoting worldwide research and action for the conservation of birds and their habitats. We present the highlights of the latest issue.View the full article
  6. Nature's Hero Nimrod Mifsud, a BirdLife Malta volunteer for over ten years, has shown passion and drive in his efforts to help birds migrating over Malta leave safely without persecutionView the full article
  7. We’ve selected crafts from across the world that will delight children and benefit birds. From ten-minute fruit kebabs to a summer spent birdhouse building, we’ve got projects for every age and timespan: all you need to do is pick your skill level.View the full article
  8. Around one in five of all the world’s bird species migrate. And while every migration is an epic and often perilous feat of endurance, here’s a selection of species that we feel go the extra mile.View the full article
  9. On 24 May 2018, BirdLife International and Partners celebrated the launch of a much-anticipated European Turtle-dove International Action Plan, highlighting what must be done to save this declining species.View the full article
  10. Ulcinj Salina is a traditional salt pan whose shallow waters feed and support more than 250 bird species. However, recent proposals to build a large-scale tourism resort threaten to obliterate it.View the full article
  11. A new mode of farming is taking off in South America. The pampas is one the world’s most important grassland biomes: but intensive farming is wearing it down. Now, a scheme for sustainable, bird-friendly meat is getting prestigious recognition.View the full article
  12. One in eight bird species is in danger of extinction – but what are the main factors driving their decline? It might not be what you think. Read about the five biggest threats to bird biodiversity, and what’s being done to combat them.View the full article
  13. Over the last 40 years, Europe’s skylarks have suffered a 50% decline due to the intensification of agriculture. In Sweden, this figure jumps to a staggering 75%. A report by BirdLife Sweden, WWF, SLU and Lantmännen shows that small, undrilled, ‘skylark plots’ in fields create the variation in...View the full article
  14. It’s a first for Burkina Faso... a love story between environmental organization NATURAMA (BirdLife - Burkina Faso) and the private cement factory CIMBURKINA. Their common aim is to strengthen nature conservation and improve community livelihoods at the cement plant's operating sites.View the full article
  15. Following a tireless campaign by BirdLife Australia, which gained support from around the world, the Australian Government has decided to reject an application for phosphate mining on Christmas Island, a crucial wildlife haven in the Indian Ocean.View the full article