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  1. We are looking for a venue in Vancouver as it seems we cannot have our workshop at the congress centre. Let us know, please, if you have any suggestions. Eldar
  2. Our apologies for the late notice but we want to announce that there will be a 1.5 day short course in geolocation analysis in association with the International Ornithological Congress in August. We have been unable to come to terms with the IOC organizers about the location of this course, but one way or another we will have it in Vancouver on August 19 (Noon to 6pm) and August 20 (8am to 5pm)—just before the conference. It is uncertain as to whether this course will be listed on the IOC website, so we wanted people to be aware of it as they make travel plans. Please share this announcement with anyone who may be interested. We have no intention of excluding anyone. For more details on the contents of the course, please see the attached description. If you are interested in attending the course please visit this signup page to provide your contact information and to answer a few quick questions about your coding background: https://goo.gl/forms/SduJiuMsJrpta2462 We will probably ask for a $20 fee at some point to cover any room rental fees and other expenses (and to discourage no-shows). We have limited the course size to 40 attendees. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the organizers. For those of you going to IOC we look forward to seeing you there. To everyone else, please excuse the intrusion. Sincerely, Eldar Rakhimberdiev (Author of FLightR) Simeon Lisovski (Author of GeoLight) Eli Bridge (Head Cheerleader)
  3. You can try automating it. Let's say left is replaced with right for the cases when right crosses 0 meridian. You can do then something like Left_corrected<-Left Right_corrected<-Right Left_corrected[condition when right is not correct]<-Right Right_corrected[condition when right is not correct]<-Left Hope this helps. Eldar
  4. Hi Cosme, I am not sure I can fully imagine what you are talking about, but expect you see some strange plotting around 0 meridian. This can definitely happen but it is likely not an error but incorrect assignment of Left and right CI while near 0 meridian. You can try to correct it by hand by swapping left and right CI for specific points. If it does not help, send me your result object and code by mail and I will have a look. Eldar
  5. Hi Louise, datum should be wgs84, you are right. Cheers, Eldar
  6. Hi Tara, You have created an object called GeoLight2TAGS and it is function name in FLightR. Try removing this object and everything will go through. rm(GeoLight2TAGS) Cheers, Eldar
  7. Hi Louise, I do not think this is common, as I have seen many birds wintering around equator where geolocator inferred positions did not do jump. At the same time I have also seen many migrations within Africa during wintering from gps data, so it is common. The only suspicious thing is symmetrical movements in relation to autumn and spring equinoxes, if you have those - send me the lat-lon plots, please. Cheers, Eldar
  8. Hi Tara, Looks strange, could you, please, save the workspace and email it to me? save.image('image.RData') Eldar PS - I would recommend TwGeos but not GeoLight for initial data annotation - saves a lot of time!
  9. Eldar

    Weird results

    Hi Ana, I looked at your data and it looks like you have some problems with the calibration times: try Calibration.periods<-data.frame( calibration.start=as.POSIXct(c(NA, "2014-10-20")), calibration.stop=as.POSIXct(c("2014-04-10", NA)), lon=-74.51644, lat=4.36459) This will create you following data.frame: calibration.start calibration.stop lon lat 1 <NA> 2014-04-10 -74.51644 4.36459 2 2014-10-20 <NA> -74.51644 4.36459 First line makes first calibration period and second line second. Results look ok in this case but some outliers still remain. Hope it helps, Eldar
  10. Hi Louise, You should have deleted second NA, something like: Calibration.periods<-data.frame( calibration.start=NA, # start of the second calibration period calibration.stop=as.POSIXct("2013-08-05") # end of the first calibration period lon=-4.37, lat=58.38) Cheers, Eldar
  11. Eldar

    Weird results

    Hi Ana, Could you please send me your script, TAGS formatted csv and the Result file (through wetransfer or googledrive)? I will have a look then.
  12. Eldar

    Error with map.FlightR.ggmap function

    All looks good to me and still cannot reproduce the error. Try save(Result, file='Result.RData') and send it to me via e.g. wetransfer
  13. Eldar

    LightImage function error

    Hi Louise, Check the last value in your file: tail(d.lux) it is likelyt that there is NA value somehow. If not send me and Simeon your file and the code you have before the error. Eldar
  14. Eldar

    Error with map.FlightR.ggmap function

    Hi Louse, I cannot reproduce the issue could you please type sessionInfo() and send results to me. You can also send your result object and I will try it. Cheers, Eldar
  15. Eldar

    Issue with loading Geosphere

    Hi Sabina, What is your FLightR version? Try installing the latest from github. devtools::install_github('eldarrak/FLightR') and what happens if you run install.packages('geosphere') before running the plotting function?